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Aug. 21st, 2009 | 04:43 am
location: Philippines, Laguna
mood: annoyed annoyed

One of my fave bands ever made this song: Running - No Doubt. Love the intro to this song, such a sweet song. :)


Running all the time
Running to the future
With you right by my side

I'm the one you chose
Out of all the people
You wanted me the most
I'm so sorry that I've fallen
Help me up lets keep on running
Don't let me fall out of love

Running, running
As fast as we can
Do you think we'll make it?
(Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running
Keep holding my hand
It's so we don't get separated

Be the one I need
Be the one I trust most
Don't stop inspiring me
Sometimes it's hard to keep on running
We work so much to keep it going
Don't make me want to give up

[Repeat chorus twice]

(The future)

my dopey cat ate some of a loaf of bread and knocked a glass bottle of peppr onto the floor, shattering it.

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After life?

Aug. 14th, 2009 | 12:19 am
mood: peaceful peaceful

I've just watched another episode of Lisa Williams, which comes on every 10pm on Thursdays. (Sucks it only comes on once a week!) And it's definitely convinced me about spirits and things... I used to be a skeptic and I grew up with my mum always telling me there aren't such things but after seeing the show I've gotta say I'm converted! Of course it could all be great acting... But I don't think so somehow. Lisa Williams has her own website by the way.

So I hope that the spirits of my 3 cats, Tiggy, Snowy and Robbie who have passed away within 2 years are either reincarnated, in kitty heaven or watching over me and my family. And they should all be free of pain now...

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Quick entry...

Aug. 8th, 2009 | 12:27 am
location: bed
mood: loved loved

...before i head off to bed! :)

I just got to see the sexxxxiest guy (who is my boyfriend ) on webcam after what has been ages!!! He didnt have internet for weeks and weeks!!

Oh I miss him... :)

Going to see my cousin early tomorrow so I've gotta get lotsa sleep. And then later in the day I'm going to pick up a new kitten which i'm adopting. Her name's gonna be Kizzy.

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